With an impressive body of work that encompasses both acting and singing, Gabrielle Christian is quickly emerging as one of Hollywood’s most sought after talents. Gabrielle grew up in Maryland, where she began performing with local theater groups and in school plays at age 12. She landed her first leading television role, opposite Kate Bosworth, while she was still in high school, a part on the WB’s hit series, Young Americans (2000). After studying theater at the University of Pittsburgh, Gabrielle moved to Hollywood where she quickly landed roles on Without a Trace (2002), What Should You Do? (2003), Drake & Josh (2004), Windfall (2006), Numb3rs (2005) and CSI: Miami (2002). Gabrielle has also appeared in a number of national television commercials, including “Time Warner Cable”.

Gabrielle is most notable for her current role of “Spencer Carlin” on The N’s hit television series, South of Nowhere (2005). Her long-standing role on this award-winning teenage drama turned her into a recognizable face on the small screen. She has played both the lead and supporting characters in several independent films, including South of Pico (2007) and American Gun (2005).

After seeing Gabrielle’s performance on South of Nowhere (2005), critically-acclaimed director Angela Robinson contacted Gabrielle and offered her a part in the online webisode series, “Girltrash”. Soon thereafter, Gabrielle was featured in another webisode series entitled 3Way (2008).

Gabrielle spends her spare time as a spokesperson raising awareness for two charities which she holds close to her heart. After losing her only brother to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrom) in 1991, Gabrielle assisted her mother in the creation of SIDS Educational Services, where she raises funds through online auctions and attends various conferences all over the world. Gabrielle uses the surname, “Christian”, in memory of her brother.

FAIR Fund recently approached Gabrielle about becoming the spokesperson of their foundation. FAIR Fund is an organization that works to engage youth in the areas of anti-trafficking, domestic violence and sexual assault prevention. You can catch her hosting cocktail events to showcase Jewelry made by girls participating in the JewelGirls program. This summer, FAIR Fund teamed up with Gabrielle in Serbia to film a documentary on the horrific living situations these girls are faced with in their everyday lives.

Gabrielle speaks fluent Hungarian (her dad’s native language). She loves traveling, hiking, boogie boarding, going to movies, and singing.