Jasmine Lynne Waltz was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. An only child, she survived her father’s suicide and her mother’s subsequent absence, only to face a future of uncertainty. She lived in and out of group homes and shelters, until events landed her in an all girl’s maximum security school at the young age of 16. After her release two years later, she began a quest to find a new and better life for herself.

Living in 8 different cities, Jasmine gradually made her way to Miami and began modeling and commercial work. She also studied at the University of Performing Arts for three years, working nights in local clubs to pay her way through school. Once finished, she headed to Los Angeles, and it didn’t take long for Hollywood to notice the beautiful brunette with the boisterous, outgoing personality. Film, TV, and commercial work soon followed, along with increased attention from the media. Jasmine now stands poised at the edge of a promising career, drawing on her past to help guide her to a bright future.