Miffy was born in Hampshire in 1999 and her real name is Rebecca but her parents decided to nickname her Miffy on account of her messy hair that was always sticking up. At an early age Miffy always seemed older than her years and had to adapt quickly when her parents split up when she was only 2. It was decided that her father take custody of Miffy and her younger brother and sister; Jaydyn and Ashleigh. Despite being homeless for a while the family were soon re-housed and Miffy really started to show an aptitude for performing. She was always singing, dancing and acting, as well as directing her younger siblings in their family productions. Just before her fifth birthday she started to attend a local weekend stageschool and through this began to audition for various roles. The first audition Miffy attended she got and though it was only an ident for a toy manufacturer shown a couple of times on British television it gave Miffy a taste of working in front of a camera and all the waiting around between takes. Despite all the boredom and repetitiveness of the film industry it did not deter Miffy to give up auditioning but made her try harder for bigger and better roles. Some of the roles Miffy auditioned for include Casualty, which they penciled her in for but changed to a boy at the last minute, and another TV drama shown on ITV. Things really started to happen for Miffy when she audition for Nancy Meyers’ ‘Holiday’ Project as it was then called. Hundreds of hopeful young girls attended this open audition and travelled the length and breadth of the country. Miffy was fortunate enough to be recalled a second time and a third. A couple of months passed since the third audition and Miffy and her family assumed she had not got the role. Then out of the blue another audition was set, but this time it was to be in front of Nancy Meyers directly and by this time the number of girls had been cut to only 6. Good feedback was received but another few months passed without any notification. One more audition was eventually set, again in front of the director but this time she was told quickly that the part of Sophie was hers. The hard work then really began with the introduction of learning script, direction and days in wardrobe before the cameras even started to roll.