David Bowe has either appeared in or been the “voice” of literally hundreds of National Television and radio commercials! Beginning in 1979 as a teenager helping mom push the car out of the mud for AMC Family Wagon! Through 2016, where he continued in his 6th year as the Voice of IHOP! In between he has appeared in ads for Wendy’s, Oscar Meyer, HoneyNut Cheerios, Bud Light, Eggo Waffles, Frosted Flakes, Kodak, Burger King, Ca Lottery, Jack in the Box, Blockbuster Video, Saturn Cars, Taquita Coolers not to mention the on camera spokesman for the launch of MCI friends & family and the first human to appear in the annual “Bud Bowl” campaign for the Super Bowl!! He has been “heard” by millions as the recognizable Voice of IHOP family restaurants for the past 6 & a half years! Before that recorded voice-overs for hundreds of TV & radio spots! Including, Buick, Diet Dr. Pepper, Intel, Best Buy, Cool from Nestea, AMC theaters, Old Milwaukee Beer, Comp USA and for over 10 years was one of the voices of Fred Meyer superstores located in the Pacific northwest! Not to mention over a hundred Motion Pictures and television appearances over the past 30 years!