Scandinavian actress Julia Bache-Wiig is from Norway. She grew up in Eivindvik, a small village on the west coast. Julia is known for her role as Thyra in “The Last Kingdom”, shooting it’s second season in 2016. This is a BBC and Carnival Films series, based on Bernard Cornwell’s popular books. In German/Norwegian co-production Two Lives (2012), Julia starred with Liv Ullmann and Juliane Köhler. The film was shortlisted for the Oscar’s (Foreign language film), establishing Julias name on the silver screen. In 2014, she landed the role as Thyra in TLK, first season filmed in 2015. Julia is also known for her roles in “Man of war” and “A Somewhat Gentle Man”. In 2015, Julia was seen as Aase in the Norwegian TV drama “Aquitted”. Julia had her screen debut in the short film Heartcut by director Anne Sewitsky (2006). Alongside her acting studies, Julia starred in the drama series “Størst av alt”, produced by the Norwegian Broadcasting Company (NRK). After this she landed roles in several high profile Norwegian features, among them box-office success Max Manus (2008), A Somewhat Gentle Man (2009) and Turn me on, Goddammit! (2010). Alomgside working in films, Julia has also played several leading roles on stage.