Neil Breen was born on November 23, 1958. He started his career as a real-estate agent and architect in Las Vegas, before switching partly to being an independent filmmaker.

Breen has not attended film school and learned everything he needed to know by himself. He deliberately makes independent films as he has stated he doesn’t want to be a part of what he calls the “Hollywood insider’s group”. Breen self-financed, wrote, directed, edited and starred in all of his independent films Double Down (2005), I Am Here… Now (2009), Fateful Findings (2013) and Pass Thru (2016). He funds his films by the income he gathers from being an architect or via crowdfunding.

Breen’s movies tend to have a supernatural nature where the protagonist (always portrayed by himself) is a messianic being who stands up for the greater good by confronting harmful people and powerful / corrupt institutions. This moral protector of the innocent people wants to clean the earth from all evil and wrongdoing. These thematic layers are often presented by long dialogues narrated by the protagonist himself.

Despite that, Neil Breen’s films are generally perceived as very bad and amateurish features due to their poor production value, bad writing, acting and editing. It’s very likely Breen gained a lot of fame due to this perception.