Stephen Stucker was a marvelously wild and dynamic free-spirited actor who specialized in deliciously broad portrayals of memorably outrageous characters in a handful of comedies made in the 70’s and 80’s. Stucker was born on July 2, 1947 in Des Moines, Iowa. He attended Lincoln School in Alameda, California. During his school days Stephen was known as both an accomplished pianist and a class clown with a dry wit. Stucker made his film debut with a funny turn as crazed asylum escapee Bruce Wilson in the entertainingly lowbrow “Carnal Madness.” He was likewise sidesplitting as a cross-dressing court stenographer in “The Kentucky Fried Movie.” Stephen achieved his greatest enduring popularity with his gloriously zany and unforgettable performance as loopy airport control room worker Johnny in the hilarious disaster picture parody “Airplane!.” Stucker reprised this role in “Airplane II: The Sequel” and had an amusing bit as a train stationmaster in “Trading Places.” Stephen appeared in three episodes of the hit TV series “Mork & Mindy.” Besides “The Kentucky Fried Movie” and “Airplane!,” Stucker also worked with the comedy team of Jim Abrahams, David Zucker and Jerry Zucker as a member of the theatrical group the Kentucky Fried Theater. Stephen Stucker died at the tragically young age of 38 from AIDS on April 13, 1986.