Originally from Boston, Rachael studied Theatre & Dance in New York City and Boston. After moving to Los Angeles, she soon became one of the most sought after Professional Dancers in the industry, working in Film, TV, World Tours, Commercials, Music Videos and more. She’s worked alongside RIHANNA, KATY PERRY, BEYONCE, PINK, CHER, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, KANYE WEST and more. She parlayed those skills into her acting career, and has been fortunate to work on incredible projects including LEGION, MASCOTS, RUSH HOUR 3, BEHIND THE CANDELABRA, NO STRINGS ATTACHED, GILMORE GIRLS REVIVAL, GLEE, TRUE BLOOD, DR. KEN, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, VEGAS, CSI, NIP/TUCK, PARKS & RECREATION, CUSTODY, DANCE NIGHT OBSESSION and more. Her love for the theatre lead her to play the lead role of Kari in Emmy nominated writer Craig Wright’s play THE PAVILION. Rachael is fortunate to have worked with well respected directors and producers like Ryan Murphy, Steven Soderbergh, Ivan Reitman, Amy Sherman-Polladino, Tim Mielants, Alan Ball and Mathew Cullen to name a few. Knowing there’s an advantage to being a hybrid entertainer, she brings something special to the table as a well-rounded artist. Rachael has trained with Stella Adler’s protégé, Arthur Mendoza, as well as with John Hindman, Risa Bramon Garcia, Steve Braun, Michael Laskin, Cameron Thor, Alice Carter, Brian Reise and John Lacy.